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Working Life Support Application

The Legal and Psychological Support Mechanism has been developed within the action of our Equal Rights for All: Improving Employee Rights project. The Support programme aims to protect the rights of private sector employees in the Northern part of Cyprus, to change the conditions for employees that are vulnerable to violation and ultimately to create an environment where all employees benefit from equal rights. We provide free counselling by psychologists as well as free services by experienced legal professionals for the litigation of rights violations.



Who Are We?

The Human Resources Management Association (HRMA) is a non-governmental organization that was first activated in 2001 by a group manager and started to implement long-lasting results in 2015.


Our Vision

To guide the ambassadors of sustainable social success.


Our Mission

To ensure the development of models considering the dynamics of the country, the frameworks of contemporary development and aiming to achieve sustainable gains in the field of Human Resources for all stakeholders in the work life of employees in the Northern part of Cyprus

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You can call us at 0546 999 20 22, email us at or simply click the button below to reach us straight away.

Equal Rights for All

A free legal support mechanism has been put into action for all private sector employees who cannot access their rights at work. To apply for the mechanism, you can start your process by filling out the form on the “” link, or you can reach us via our support line at “0546 999 2022” to get information about your rights.


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As a result of our efforts since 2015


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Our Project Employees

Ahmet Türkdoğan

Project Coordinator

Gözde Öz

Communication Coordinator

Arif Osum

Capacity Building Coordinator


Ahmet Sadık Sokak,
Nicosia, 99010, TRNC


+90 546 999 20 22

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